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London Keyes Wasn’t Always a Top 10 Asian Pornstar!

London Keyes was not always the Top 10 Asian Pornstar that she is today, once upon a time she was a fresh faced amateur slut who simply loved cock, loved to feel it in her mouth, loved to wrap her lips around it and loved to bend over and have a big hard dick slammed into her from behind.  This Oriental cum slut was a dirty cock loving whore long before she was getting paid to do it and that is exactly why she is suck a bonafide Pornstar today.  You have to love what you do after all and London Keyes loves to get her wet pussy slammed, over and over and over again by the biggest hardest cocks around.

In this photos set, a young London Keyes shows her playful and naughty nature, along with her Big Tits and love of sucking big cocks!  You can tell that she was destined to become a pornstar, she simply has that certain something that makes the porn lens love her.  There is no subsitute for a down and dirty Asian teen slut and this is exactly what London Keyes was.  ENJOY!

Asa Akira & London Keyes Are Hot & Horny Part I


As far as hot and horny Oriental Pornstars go, it is no secret that I hold London Keyes and Asa Akira in high esteem!  These two are some of the hottest, raunchiest, most hardcore cock craving Oriental sluts in the adult industry today, there is hardly anything they haven't done or even less things they won't do. 

So when I came across a XXX montage of the two of them together in the same free porn movies, well I couldn't resist offering it up to you. 

This is just the begining, just a little Asian pussy to wet your whistle, the nest set get even getter then this one, and it will all culminate in a hot and heavy threesome in which these two get the shit fuck out of them while loving every minute of it.

Top 10 Asian Pornstar London Keyes Stars In this Sex Video!

Hawaiian Sex Starlet London Keyes may have been 3rd in our inaugural Top 10 Asian Pornstars list, but in this sex video titled “The Rise of Cocky”, she is definitely #1  There is just something innately captivating about this Asian slut.  Maybe it’s her big tits, or maybe it is the way she seems to love sucking cock.  Whatever it is that makes this babe as magnetic as she is, one thing is certain as far as Asian XXX goes, the future us looking bright with Sextube sluts like this one ready to take over the top spots!

I must admit that this Pornstar is by far an away one of my personal favorites.  So I have added a sweet gallery of HD pics to go along with this free sex video.  You can thank me for it later 😉

3. Young Star London Keyes!

Asian Pornstars London Keyes Asian PussyNormally to crack the top 3 in any Top 10 List you have to have been around awhile.  But as far as Asian babes go, you just can’t omit London Keyes.  This pornstar is quite simply gorgeous! She has a smile that belongs on the cover of magazines, and is as hardcore as they come.  If you like Asian Pussy pounding, London Keyes is surely in your library, this is one hot slut.  The Asian Pornstars will be well represented for years to come with this young starlet!